Portfolio Management Services

Delicate composition of investment portfolios to achieve maximum returns at the least risk level. This service is targeted towards clients who do not have the time and skills required for day-to-day monitoring of their investment and are ready to surrender it to a professional.

This product is packaged in two different categories to meet our client’s peculiar need.

(i)   Discretionary Portfolio Management:

This entail proactive portfolio management, market monitoring and timely adjustment/rebalancing. Under this arrangement, CALYX will have full responsibility for the management of the entire portfolio. That is, we will analyze and identify mis-priced stocks and take buy/sell decisions without recourse to the investor. This allows Calyx to act on information promptly.

The modalities and criteria for effective management must have been set up at the on set. Reports on portfolio performance are sent to   client on quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis.

(ii)  Participatory/Advisory Portfolio Management:

Under this arrangement, buy/sell decisions are taken on consensus with the client. We analyze targeted stocks. We also provide useful market information to assist in timely investment decision. Regular reports on portfolio performance are sent to the client every quarter.

Our portfolio management client will be charged a management fee to be determined by the size of their portfolio. A large portfolio will obviously attract low charges.