EARNINGS ALERT -Thursday, August 30, 2018

UBA PLC recently released its audited Q2 2017 results with EPS of N1.23. Please find attached the full result of UBA PLC as released on the NSE and see key highlights below:

  • Gross earnings of N257.92 bn, compared to N222.726 bn in 2017 Q2 (15.8% YoY growth).
  • Net interest income also grew by 9.57%, from N101.38bn in 2017 to N111.08bn in Q2 2018
  • Other operating expenses was up by 12% to N62.83bn (N56.05bn in June 2017) just as other income increased by 43.91% to N4.32bn
  • Impairment loss declined to N6.73bn (N9.44bn in June 2017) as credit quality improved
  • Profit After Tax of N43.79bn compared to N42.34bn in 2017 Q2.

Corporate Action
Proposed Interim Dividend(Kobo)                   20
Closure Date                                                   6 September 2018
Payment Date                                                 10 September 2018

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